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What is conscious hospitality?

After a holiday, have you ever had that feeling of clarity about who you are, what you want, and what is essential in life? That's mindfulness.

We want to do our part to make the world a better place and contribute to our guests having that feeling of reconnection with their essence that is achieved when travelling, after a holiday, or living an enriching experience.

If we are enthusiastic and passionate about our work, we can inspire the same enthusiasm in you during your stay. For this reason, we relate to each other more holistically, involving all the people who make up the Kora Living family in the project’s latest developments.

In our Kora Nivaria Beach complex, we organise relaxing massages for our employees once a month. Our cleaning and maintenance staff are given preference. We also conduct coaching sessions to improve communication and self-awareness and enrich the whole team’s skills. The change has been transformative.


We offer free yoga and pilates sessions for guests at all our resorts. How about a meditation session in the desert? Or a rooftop in the middle of the city? What about a relaxing massage while listening to the ocean waves? Connecting with yourself is the best way to go home happier. Shhh! Spoiler alert — this year, we are designing unique experiences worldwide.

At Kora Living, we believe in eating healthier. After all, we are what we eat. Nivaria Beach is one of the few resorts that has an outlet selling local produce in bulk. At Kora Green City, we have our own Japanese-Hawaiian healthy food restaurant.

Being conscious also means knowing that you are part of something bigger. We create a sense of community among our guests. It’s part of our coliving DNA. The common areas are an essential part of each building, and we create experiences that enhance the interaction between our guests. Night-time astronomy in a volcano? No problem. An afterwork session biking in the Green Capital? Coming soon


Consciousness is something that is also reflected in the way we relate to the planet. We at Kora Living have integrated sustainability from the ground up. That is why Kora Green City is one of the largest sustainable aparthotels in the world. Passivhaus technology based on geothermal, aerothermal and solar energy.

Passivhaus technology based on geothermal, aerothermal and solar energy. Nivaria Beach is a benchmark for environmental protection in one of the best-preserved coastal areas in the south of Tenerife. Solar energy, shower water reuse for garden irrigation, endemic plants, and an extended list of etceteras. We believe that design, comfort and eco-friendly architecture create a very sexy mix.

Don’t get the wrong impression — despite all this, we don’t believe in firm rules or telling you how to live your life. We take planes to travel; we use cars and smartphones and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to do so. But we also cycle, like going to the mountains, eating organic food and respecting nature. We believe that this is living consciously. And that conscious hospitality is working responsibly, assessing alternatives to make efficient decisions and taking better care of yourself and the planet.



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