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Our manifesto

Kora Living. These two words define and reflect the essence of our new brand as well as the entire team behind it.

We wanted our first blog entry to be as intimate and personal as our manifesto. Here we reflect our essence, not only of a brand recently born but of the whole team of people that two words.

Kora, because we are passionate and we do things with “Korazón”. And Living because, instead of just a place to stay, we want you to live an enriching travel experience per your values and lifestyle: flexibility and consciousness of our planet.

The Kora Living brand manifesto is our declaration of intention. It guides us to stay on our path and reminds us who we are.

We hope it inspires you as well.

Kepa Apraiz
CEO of Kora Living
“Passionate. Navigator. Entrepreneur”



Our lifestyle and travel habits shape our understanding of the world. Some will cover hundreds of miles just to visit what is expected. And then, there are FREE SPIRITS: people who live their lives in discovery and, in every trip, discover life itself. At Kora, we are inspired by them.

We are a team of enthusiasts that don’t settle for the usual, but instead, live up to our dream of creating spaces for those like us who don’t. Spaces designed not just to stay at, but for you to connect to people, to values, to the environment. Spaces where moments, ideas, and hopes are shared. To where you may arrive alone but feel embraced, where you may get lost only to find yourself. From where you may leave after one night or after a whole year, and either way, let your footprint remain, or let ours be imprinted on you. Because at Kora, the choice is yours.

Kora Living are not ordinary hotels, hostels, apartments, nor resorts. What Kora truly is, does not fit in other words; but then, why should it? We believe that essentially, in every moment, what we are is indeed also defined by you.



Only if you book on our website

  • Best Price Guarantee.

  • Early Check-in. For those who can’t wait (subject to availability).

  • Late Check out. Make the most of the day.

  • Free weekly cleaning. For your comfort.

  • Welcome surprises specific to each Kora

Book through our website, and we guarantee you the best price — plus, you can extend your stay thanks to late check out. We also include free weekly cleaning for minimum stays. Every Kora Living has its own surprises for direct bookings.

Only on our website

  • All included: electricity, water, WIFI and weekly cleaning.

  • Flats with fully equipped kitchens, maintenance equipment and parking (optional).

  • Yoga and Pilates classes, swimming pool, solarium, gym, workshops, events and networking.

  • Stay more, save more.

Fill the form. Our team will contact you to inform you of everything. We will send you a questionnaire to find out what your concerns are and to live the Kora Living experience with similar people.